Thornton le Street Village Hall Hotspot

Wednesday 28th January 2015

Thornton le street Village Hall hotspot goes live : Ready for the Big Dig
Its hoped that a Heritage grant, strong local support and a planned archaeological dig will reveal the Roman History of the village and the start of an uncharted ancient road to Catterick thought to supply the legions stationed on Hadrians Wall. For full details read the article on the Northern Echo website.

To support the Big Dig and the local community and to say thank you to all those local residents who host our repeaters, it is our policy to connect any village hall in our host villages free of charge if they are suffering from slow broadband.

A very snowy icy wind blew as we installed a new hotspot in the Thornton le Street Village Hall, but it was warmly welcomed and will be an invaluable resource as the village hall will be the ‘hub’ of operations and data gathering during the dig.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam