Back when we first started, we found there was no simple network monitoring tools that suited our needs so we developed MeshMon. Mesh Monitor was designed to monitor a Locustworld Mesh Network and make changes to node settings “on the fly” to maintain connectivity. It could also alert operators to issues in a timely manor.

Its features include:

3 Types of Server Tests –

  • Ping test
  • Web Server Test
  • Email Server Test

Numerous actions based on test results:

  • Simple Visual Monitor
  • Emai Alert
  • NabazTag Alert
  • Change Node Settings

MeshMon is no longer actively developed, although if you are still using it we would love to hear from you, please use the contact us form.

For anyone interested its still available for download at the MeshMon Project page on the sourceforge website, although please note it hasn’t been tested on any version of Windows greater than XP.

We now use Nagios Core to monitor our networks, which is open source, free and maintained.