We no longer offer CLANNET email addresses by default, as the free providers such as GMail & can offer far more storage than our small community mail server and we would encourage you to make use of one of these services. They are also not tied to us as your ISP, so can be retained without charge if you discontinue your CLANNET service at any point in the future.

However we can still generate email accounts on request, and all CLANNET users are able to have up to 5 email address ( to use for their own personal use and for their household family members. The CLANNET email system is available via a web based system or your favourite email client. If you would like to use an email client to access your CLANNET email please contact us for further details.

The CLANNET email system is based on software known as the Zimbra Collaboration Suite. This award winning system is used by many commercial organisations and is a favourite with academic institutes due to its reliability and enhanced web based features. All emails sent & received via the CLANNET email server are virus and SPAM checked using regularly updated scanning software.

Our mailboxes have a 200MB quota, if you are a current CLANNET email user, you can purchase extra quota space at £5 per extra 100MB per month. If you are not a CLANNET user (or wish to retain your email account after ceasing our broadband service), we offer an email only service from £2.99 a month per mailbox depending on services required and message volumes.