Broadband in a Box

Introducing: ‘Broadband in a Box’

The Easy way to bring Superfast broadband to your village

Do you know someone prepared to champion their village or community? If so, we can supply the rest to make your project a success. Our ’Broadband in a box’ concept allows you to choose how much or how little you or members of your community want to do yourselves.  The fundamental concept of ‘Broadband in a Box’ is a central control box in conjunction with CLANNET’s servers and services. From this it is very easy, with just a little knowledge, to start connecting subscribers. Devices are supplied ready configured to be installed by willing householders or tradesmen. With a small amount of IT knowledge the same people can operate and supply 1st line support to their community.  We can supply 2nd and 3rd line support, training and approve installations. Alternatively we can build the infrastructure to connect outlying properties or interconnect villages and we can connect subscribers who don’t feel confident doing it themselves. Then it’s a matter of deciding if your community wants to operate their network or leave it to us, we are happy to work with you in the way your community wants.

  1. Design: We can survey and make a detailed design for coverage of your whole community even where it may seem very difficult because of terrain. We ensure the design is both robust but has plenty of capacity for the future as bandwidth use tends to double annually.
  2. Build: We generally help in the building of the main infrastructure called nodes that will provide the service to Subscribers. Its cost can often be covered by state grants such as the ‘North Yorkshire Connect’ project, others are financed by parish councils or small groups of investors wanting to improve their communities’ connectivity.
  3. Control: The central control system ensures bandwidth hogs are controlled and do not deter from the enjoyment of the majority. It also ensures that only registered users have access over private/encrypted connections with public IP‘s if appropriate. Service levels, speed and pricing can be set centrally in your communities control panel. Also, every subscriber’s device can be seen and all details recorded to be used if necessary in fault finding. In addition a fully routed network allows a high degree of failover to ensure even in a breakdown a minimum service can be maintained along with battery backups in key places.
  4. Support: We supply all the services and training for you to give 1st line support. This includes a virtual support phone number with network status and routing of calls to support staff. Our systems can generate a telephone call or text alert if any device goes offline. With the routed network you get 1 click travel to any subscriber’s equipment, making support calls quick and simple to deal with. We also have a remote support service to aid support calls.  Provision of email relay for users migrating from traditional telecom providers is provided along with our own email service with username’s of your choose included free with the service. We can also supply all 2nd and 3rd line support with 24 hour turnaround of ready configured equipment. All equipment is guaranteed for the first 2 years of operation.

Come and talk to us if you think your community might be interested or if you’re a budding entrepreneur and would like to build using our proven technology.

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