When we originally formed most of our surrounding villages had only dial up internet access, with mediocre reliability at best. Very few had access to any form of broadband, with access being limited to mainly town/city areas.

Our story begins in 2002, when Nick Hall and Dean Welbourn met whilst studying at Selby College. Nick was studying for his HNC and Dean his A-Levels. Nick’s major project involved looking at one way satellite broadband systems with a view to linking up a group of glass houses (his then profession being horticulture) and sharing this internet connection between the various sites. The pair quickly began working together, and spent many late nights perfecting the wireless systems. However they soon realised the potential of the wireless network they were designing with a view to delivering broadband to communities and not just business – it was at this moment CLANNET was born.

The village of Biggin was identified as a local not-spot, and with the help of local champions Yvonne & Phill Mason a wireless signal was delivered in to the heart of the village after many months of planning, testing, head scratching and re-testing. The wifi signal was connected to an ADSL line from the newly enabled Cawood exchange and the rest is history. CLANNET has been serving the Biggin community since 2004, and has picked up quite a few awards along the way including the “Make a Community Difference Award” from Minster FM in 2007.

We now offer broadband, email and web services amongst other things too many people, not just those in Biggin. We became a limited company in September 2011 after operating as a community association for 7 years. However our focus and dedication remains to the communities we serve, and bringing broadband to rural “not-spot” areas. Home users and businesses alike depend on the CLANNET network and the services it delivers on a daily basis.

As of November 2017 CLANNET is now part of Quickline Communications, securing it’s future for the years to come.