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Alton Broadband Ltd

Alton BroadBand gets a boost!

This week Tom & Martyn have carried out the annual service visit to our Broadband in a Box network called Alton BroadBand which operates in and around the village of Tattingstone, Suffolk. Alton BroadBand was formed in August 2011, connecting

Alton BroadBand Ltd gets an upgrade, ready for future expansion.

Due to an ever increasing customer base and expansion program which sees Alton BroadBand Ltd (ABB) now covering: St Mary’s Church, The White Horse, The Close and Tattingstone Place an upgraded gateway has been installed, integrated with our Broadband in

Alton BroadBand Ltd is go!

Installation pictures from Alton Broadband as promised: Installation of the gateway box, notice the all important hammer! Installation of the gateway antenna, with Lloyd holding the ladder and Paul positioning the device. Lloyd itching to get home and test his

And the next network is…. Alton BroadBand!

Today sees the installation of a new network in Tattingstone, Ipswich. This network is known as Alton BroadBand (ABB) Ltd with the local village champions forming their own company to provide a broadband service to their local community. CLANNET has designed