CLANNET takes part in BigDigiLocal!

Nick was kindly invited to present at the “BigDigiLocal: Digital Inclusion” event held on the 26th November 2014 at Tang Hall in York. Digital Inclusion is a subject very close to our hearts, being one of the primary reasons we came in to existence back in 2004 being to ensure our local communities weren’t left behind in the Digital Divide. The event was very well attended, with presentations from others such as John Popham and those working in telecoms and keen to ensure coverage for all.

The event was part of Big Local which is an exciting opportunity for residents in 150 areas around England to use at least £1m to make a massive and lasting positive difference to their communities, and was made possible by Rob Billson of New Routes.

You can see Nicks presentation on YouTube (thanks to John Popham for the recordings!), and you can follow along on Twitter using the #BigDigiLocal


New support assistant!

We are very pleased to welcome a new member to the CLANNET Team, this is Jade who will be ably assisted by her gordon setter Bruce!


Jade will be the first person you deal with when you get in touch with an enquiry, and will be answering your calls & emails. She will also be helping out with support and admin in the office and generally making sure things run smoothly.

Water tower to distribute broadband!

A redundant water tower at Lovesome Hill four miles north of Northallerton is being born again as a transmitter for superfast wireless broadband. For further information please visit the North Yorkshire County Council website, we would also like to add our personal thanks to the towers owners for allowing us to make use of this prime location to bring superfast broadband to more rural areas.

Northallerton Free WiFi

We are pleased to announce the launch of another CLANNET Hotspot!

The Northallerton Free Wifi project brings free internet access for shoppers and visitors to the Northallerton High Street. Northallerton i-Street is a joint project undertaken by Northallerton Retail & Business Forum, Northallerton Town Council and Hambleton District Council.

Hambleton District Council provided £1,000 to install the equipment required for the network with partners sharing the running costs and the town council providing a phone line from the town hall.

For further information, please visit the website.

Christmas Lights time again!

It’s time to warm up the CLANNET soldering iron, Christmas Lights construction is under way with lots of added gadgets this year. You can follow along with construction on the Christmas Lights web pages, a sneaky peak at construction below:


Settle Free Wifi

Yesterday saw the launch of the Settle Free Wifi project, bringing another CLANNET hotspot to the busy market town of Settle.

The WiFi project has been undertaken by Vibrant Settle in conjunction with Jeremy Tayler, owner of the Town Hall. Funding for the project has been provided by Vibrant Settle and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Many thanks to Dave Tayler of YDMT for his support for the project. Help with cabling and connection was kindly given by Jonathan Mounsey.



Staying online when the lights go out..

We have just finished installing a new power distribution system at our Selby based server location, and will be rolling out a similar system at our new server location in South Otterington soon.

Our new power supply system uses the 12 way Mini Circuit Breaker Panel from Axon Components. This is a modular based system, which means we can expand in the future if needed. The circuit breakers provide protection to the connected equipment and power supply circuits. We have also added a volt & ammeter panel so we can quickly and easily check the status of our system.

Axon 12 way MCB Panel

The panel is powered by an OpenUPS board, to which we have also added a 5V regulator to power some of our lower voltage equipment such as the Linksys SPA box that connects our phone system to the phone line. The OpenUPS board can provide 6A of current, and the regulator 3A.


Finally the OpenUPS board is connected to a 95aH deep cycle battery that will keep us online during a power cut. The battery level is maintained automatically, and full monitoring is provided by the OpenUPS board via a mini USB connection.

FinishedAll done!

Selby College helps out!


We are hugely grateful to Selby College for the loan of a temporary email server while we source and install our new server. With the help of Mike Pilling and his team, we were able to restore email service to our rural communities by 11PM yesterday evening. Just goes to show the power of community broadband – a very big thank you from everyone here at CLANNET, extra special Christmas Lights deserved this year!

CLANNET gets certified (again)!

We have just completed two days further Mikrotik training with thanks to Pawel Cieplinski and all at MS Distribution for their help and support! We can now add MTCRE (MikroTik Certified Routing Engineer) to the list of CLANNET certifications 🙂



New wireless hotspots!

We have installed two new wireless hotspots over the last couple of months, one in Leyburn and the other serving the Appleton Wiske Village Hall. We hope to expand the service in Appleton Wiske to cover more of the village during future network upgrades/maintenance. For a list of our current hotspot locations, visit this page.