It’s goodnight from him….

Our handover period is almost complete and we would like to thank everyone for their co-operation and kind words over the last few months. It was a difficult decision for us to make to step down, but we are certain that Quickline are the best people to take CLANNET forwards.

If you still haven’t had contact from Quickline (a number of emails have ended up in Junk folders), please email them directly on or if you prefer give them a call on 01482 24-7-365.

Everyone should now have cancelled their standing order and setup a new direct debit to Quickline. The CLANNET bank account will be closed over the coming months as part of the transfer, at which point existing standing orders will fail and your payments will fall behind so its important to sort this out ASAP.

If you haven’t set up your new direct debit, do please cancel your standing order and then visit to complete a direct debit mandate. If you have already setup your direct debit, you are all set!

Again it has been our pleasure to work with everyone over the last decade, from our very humble beginnings to being one of the key WISPs of North Yorkshire. We are hugely proud of CLANNET and everyone who helped it become what it is today, and wish it every success in its new home with Quickline. We will still be watching from afar!

Kind regards,

Nick and Dean

Upcoming changes here at CLANNET Broadband

Since 2002 we have grown from an idea by Nick Hall and Dean Welbourn, connecting our first 20 subscribers in our nearby village of Biggin in 2004, to more than 1000 customers throughout the Vale of York and beyond as we reach the final months of 2017. Geographically 90% of North Yorkshire still remains without a proper broadband service while our dependence on this vital service grows daily. The challenge is huge, but Nick now needs to take things a little slower as retirement age looms.
After a great deal of thought, we feel it’s in the best interests of our customers and Yorkshire as a whole that we hand over the reins to Quickline Communications who have an enviable reputation for delivering broadband services county wide.
Quickline intend to invest heavily in network capacity and reliability starting immediately, thus securing the future of the CLANNET network and your broadband service. Your current pricing will be honoured, and new faster services will be made available in the near future. Your service will continue unchanged, you don’t need to do anything just yet. Quickline will be in touch shortly, and will begin transferring things over to their billing platform. This will include migrating payments over to direct debit, but for the moment please leave your standing order in place if this is your payment method until Quickline ask for you to setup your direct debit. For customers who receive a monthly invoice, your next one will be addressed from Quickline.
We are sincerely grateful to all the people who have helped us along the way, be they our local champions, our node hosts, or those that have helped spread the word about what CLANNET does and how we can help. Without you our work would not have been possible, we are always amazed at what a community can achieve when it works together.
Nick will not be disappearing just yet, and you might just see him and Rob installing one of your neighbours as we work through our final install schedule up to the end of December when he fully retires. Dean will be returning to his day job as a systems administrator at The University of York, but will still be running the email system and helping out from time to time.
It has been our pleasure to work with everyone over the last decade, we have met some great people and made some very good friends, we would like to wish you all the very best for the future.
Kind regards,
Nick and Dean

Biggin gets its own fibre!

Following the issues with our previous fibre supply which we had to disconnect in early July, we are very pleased to report that our own Biggin fibre entered full service on the 6th October! As you can see from the graph below our 5 minute average bandwidth usage on an evening has increased from 20mbps to over 50mbps! This has been quite a battle, and we are hugely grateful to all our hosts with a special mention to Stockbridge Technology Centre who have allowed us to share their fibre connection with the village in return for us helping to get them online as they were also struggling with poor connectivity. In the last picture (in the setting sun, after a very long day!) you can see the new antenna mounted on the old STC Farmhouse which is beaming the signal over to Nick to send on to Tony @ Little Common Farm.

All for the same monthly fee, the power of community broadband!

Full speed ahead!

5 Minute Bandwith Average

Wireless Link @ STC Farmhouse

Kirkbymoorside Free Wifi

The Moorside Room acts as the hub for the new network.

We are pleased to announce the launch of another CLANNET Hotspot!

The Kirkbymoorside Free Wifi project brings free internet access for shoppers and visitors to the market town of Kirkbymoorside in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, and just in time for the bank holiday!

We have worked with Kirkbymoodside Town Council and local business Essential Health & Beauty who have kindly allowed their building to be a host site for a repeater.


A fond farewell to a fellow Broadband Champion

A day of sadness, celebration and thankfulness today as we said a fond farewell to Billy Garrett of Beeline Broadband, a fellow broadband enthusiast and community broadband champion. Billy moved to the village of Newton-on-Rawcliffe in 2004 and using skills gained as an engineer and enthusiastic radio amateur, set about bringing a broadband service using wireless technologies to aid those in the local area. With help from his son Glenn they created Beeline Broadband which now supplies broadband to those affected by the “digital divide” in their surrounding villages.

At CLANNET we have been fortunate to work with many local WISPs in North Yorkshire, but we were always particularly impressed by Billys enthusiasm not only in his own endeavours but also his ability to enthuse those around him. In the days when the Vale of Mowbray Network was a twinkle in Nicks eye, we met Billy and fellow enthusiasts to discuss how we could help those around us. Little did we know where we would end up today, and both Billy, Glenn and the rest of Beeline Broadband have been instrumental in helping connect those in the rural hard to reach villages of North Yorkshire.

In an age where communication can be taken for granted, with Tim Peake able to communicate easily with Earth while on his mission in space, Billy and many other WISP enthusiasts helped to connect those remote areas of North Yorkshire and beyond to the world wide web. Billys funeral was streamed live to the internet so friends and relatives around the globe could listen in. This was only made possible thanks to Beeline Broadband, with a wireless device mounted at the church providing the connectivity to do so, a very fitting tribute we think you would agree.

To Billy from all at CLANNET, happy cable crimping where ever you may be.

WISPs of North Yorkshire

Farewell Billy, from your fellow WISP comrades [L-R] Martyn Boswell, Dean Welbourn, Nick Hall, Barry Sunley.

Alton BroadBand gets a boost!

This week Tom & Martyn have carried out the annual service visit to our Broadband in a Box network called Alton BroadBand which operates in and around the village of Tattingstone, Suffolk. Alton BroadBand was formed in August 2011, connecting to a newly installed ADSL broadband service at a nearby industrial building. The network has grown over the years, with our service visit in 2015 seeing us install a Mikrotik CloudCore Router which load balanced 3x ADSL connections.

Since then FTTC has arrived at one of the repeaters, so this year we have totally reworked the network by physically moving the gateway so as to make full use of the FTTC service available. The new gateway has been built with future expansion in mind, so has capabilities for a second FTTC connection to be added with a Mikrotik once again at the heart of the network. The old gateway site has also had a makeover, and now provides a backup service using the existing ADSL connections.

Alton BroadBand is an excellent example of how a network can change and adapt to ensure it meets the needs of users, making use of new backhaul as it becomes available to provide a local, personal internet service – all powered by Broadband in a Box!

Pictures from our visit:

A new network is born in Holmedale!

We have been hard at work over the past few months building a new network to cover Dalton, Gayles, Kirby Hill and Whaston known as the Holmedale Network. This new network has been built using the latest cutting edge technology known as airMAX ac from Ubiquiti Networks. Being an early adopter of new equipment isn’t without its troubles, but after some teething troubles we are confident all reported issues are now resolved.

Black Hill Farm Node

Black Hill Farm Node

This new network has been made possible thanks to the dedication, commitment and patience of a number of local residents, but a special thanks is due to Mags Cran  who took on the role of broadband champion for the area, kindly assisted by Zoe Worner (Kirby Hill & Whaston) and Sue Farr (Dalton) and Andy Ryland from Rural Action Yorkshire who helped to spread the word. Thanks are also due to those who have kindly given permission to host the broadband equipment needed to supply the area.

For those users joining the Holmedale Network please take a moment to register on our Status Website and also check out our support pages which details how to get in touch if you ever experience an issue with your service. As always feedback is welcome, we have learnt a great deal about how the new kit works in a short space of time, our thanks to those who have already contributed.

If you are interested in joining the Holmedale Network, please contact us for more details. Following a successful line of sight survey, we will be in touch the week before your installation to arrange a suitable date & time. We will advise of our current waiting list at the time of enquiry.


Otterington Park embraces the Internet!

On Friday 6th March, Nick & Dean completed the installation of a new VoIP phone system along with a new hotspot and full integration in to existing park systems including the onsite pay phone. Everything lives inside this small cabinet, providing full telephony and internet access to the campsite along with battery backup to keep vital systems running during power cuts.

The move to VoIP gives greater flexibility over a traditional phone system, and the integration of the pay phone means campsite users can contact a warden free of charge with no costs incurred to Otterington Park. For owners of multiple campsites, phone systems can be linked together via the internet so calls between sites are also free of charge plus you have the ability to answer calls anywhere you have an internet connection.

If you are interested in a similar system, please contact us for more details.

Thornton le Street Village Hall Hotspot

Wednesday 28th January 2015

Thornton le street Village Hall hotspot goes live : Ready for the Big Dig
Its hoped that a Heritage grant, strong local support and a planned archaeological dig will reveal the Roman History of the village and the start of an uncharted ancient road to Catterick thought to supply the legions stationed on Hadrians Wall. For full details read the article on the Northern Echo website.

To support the Big Dig and the local community and to say thank you to all those local residents who host our repeaters, it is our policy to connect any village hall in our host villages free of charge if they are suffering from slow broadband.

A very snowy icy wind blew as we installed a new hotspot in the Thornton le Street Village Hall, but it was warmly welcomed and will be an invaluable resource as the village hall will be the ‘hub’ of operations and data gathering during the dig.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

Easingwold Free WiFi

We are pleased to announce the launch of another CLANNET Hotspot!

The Easingwold Free Wifi project brings free internet access for shoppers and visitors to the market town of Easingwold just in time for Christmas!

This was a joint project between EasingwoldTown Council, Hambleton District Council and local businesses with help from the Easingwold Tourist Information Office. For further details, please check out this news article.