Alton BroadBand gets a boost!

This week Tom & Martyn have carried out the annual service visit to our Broadband in a Box network called Alton BroadBand which operates in and around the village of Tattingstone, Suffolk. Alton BroadBand was formed in August 2011, connecting to a newly installed ADSL broadband service at a nearby industrial building. The network has grown over the years, with our service visit in 2015 seeing us install a Mikrotik CloudCore Router which load balanced 3x ADSL connections.

Since then FTTC has arrived at one of the repeaters, so this year we have totally reworked the network by physically moving the gateway so as to make full use of the FTTC service available. The new gateway has been built with future expansion in mind, so has capabilities for a second FTTC connection to be added with a Mikrotik once again at the heart of the network. The old gateway site has also had a makeover, and now provides a backup service using the existing ADSL connections.

Alton BroadBand is an excellent example of how a network can change and adapt to ensure it meets the needs of users, making use of new backhaul as it becomes available to provide a local, personal internet service – all powered by Broadband in a Box!

Pictures from our visit: