A fond farewell to a fellow Broadband Champion

A day of sadness, celebration and thankfulness today as we said a fond farewell to Billy Garrett of Beeline Broadband, a fellow broadband enthusiast and community broadband champion. Billy moved to the village of Newton-on-Rawcliffe in 2004 and using skills gained as an engineer and enthusiastic radio amateur, set about bringing a broadband service using wireless technologies to aid those in the local area. With help from his son Glenn they created Beeline Broadband which now supplies broadband to those affected by the “digital divide” in their surrounding villages.

At CLANNET we have been fortunate to work with many local WISPs in North Yorkshire, but we were always particularly impressed by Billys enthusiasm not only in his own endeavours but also his ability to enthuse those around him. In the days when the Vale of Mowbray Network was a twinkle in Nicks eye, we met Billy and fellow enthusiasts to discuss how we could help those around us. Little did we know where we would end up today, and both Billy, Glenn and the rest of Beeline Broadband have been instrumental in helping connect those in the rural hard to reach villages of North Yorkshire.

In an age where communication can be taken for granted, with Tim Peake able to communicate easily with Earth while on his mission in space, Billy and many other WISP enthusiasts helped to connect those remote areas of North Yorkshire and beyond to the world wide web. Billys funeral was streamed live to the internet so friends and relatives around the globe could listen in. This was only made possible thanks to Beeline Broadband, with a wireless device mounted at the church providing the connectivity to do so, a very fitting tribute we think you would agree.

To Billy from all at CLANNET, happy cable crimping where ever you may be.

WISPs of North Yorkshire

Farewell Billy, from your fellow WISP comrades [L-R] Martyn Boswell, Dean Welbourn, Nick Hall, Barry Sunley.